What Employees Have to Say

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia as I made a substantial career change this last year. She was able to review my legal paperwork and explain to me in ‘plain english’ the non-compete and non-solicitation contracts that I had in place with my previous employer. She gave me specific recommendations on how to make my transition as smooth as possible and how to not run afoul of the restrictions imposed by those contracts. She was very responsive to my phone calls as I had a few questions/issues that came up after our initial meeting that related to my move. I would recommend Cynthia to anyone that has any questions with their employers legal documents and are considering making a career change.”



After performing extensive services on a large international consulting project the company refused to pay the compensation and out of pocket expenses it owed me pursuant to our contract. I was concerned if I sued I’d end up paying more money on legal expenses than what was owed to me. But a friend suggested I talk to Cynthia Wellbrock to learn about my options. I’m so glad I did!

Cynthia dealt extremely effectively with the opposing attorney and was very focused on the overall objectives – get my compensation and keep costs down! She didn’t let them delay or drive up my expenses. She played hardball and did what needed to be done to resolve the matter swiftly and without having to sue. I’d highly recommend Cynthia for anyone who needs an attorney to help recover unpaid wages or other compensation.



Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for your excellent, detailed and tenacious work on my case. I am so grateful that you were there for me as soon as the negative issues in my workplace started so that you could advise me and prevent me from getting into any legal trouble and also preserve my rights as an employee. I am also glad that when the unfortunate happened and I was let go that I reached out to you to help negotiate a severance agreement that protected me from future liability for issues I did not cause. That saved me from negative – and false – information being said about me which could have cost me incredible financial loss and severely damage my professional reputation.

You were such an advocate and champion for me; I felt so confused and upset and devastated by the events as they unfolded but you were always there to assure me that it would all work out. You protected me, you offered moral support, and you were also so kind to me that you really did make a significant difference in my life.

I appreciate that you fought so hard for me to get a reasonable amount of severance and to win my claim for unemployment benefits once the severance ran out. Because of that I have been able to make it through this financially difficult time without the incredible losses that many people have to face in these circumstances. Without that help it would have been a complete disaster for me financially and professionally.

I have recommended you to several people that I know who might need your services and will continue to do so.

I thank you kindly,

Anonymous, Denver, CO